Make Waves


Anyone who has ever met me figures out pretty quickly that I like to Get.Shit.Done. Not just the day-to-day type of stuff, but BIG stuff. I am constantly inspired, driven, and just crazy enough to believe that if I just keep working life will fall into place. This pattern is all fine and good until the inevitable happens however...I forget what it is I am working toward. 

Know the feeling?

The world we occupy loooooves to shove things into boxes, and as participants in society we naturally follow this need to categorize and classify WHO we are by WHAT we do.  Not sure what you want to do? Want to do more than one thing? Want to do something that you don't even know what to call yet? These are REAL questions and REAL people wrestle with them every day. It's so much easier to just say - "Oh, I'm a business major" or "I'm in accounting." These are tidy little categories that we recognize, that are all-encompassing, that are safe. What they also are is lacking in vitality! Being human is multifaceted, so life should be too! We just ride along on the current of society, accepting that the roles we are placed into are inevitably going to lead us to where we are "supposed to be." *Sidenote, I know business persons and accountants who are hella happy with what they do. Whatever your jam, rock it.* 

Trust in the power of the universe, but don't just follow the current. Make your own waves and manifest your dreams! 

Now pardon me while I get a little preachy for a sec, but some real cool shit has been going down in my life lately. The more I try and figure out how it is all going so well, the more I stress myself out and panic over how little I am in control. So here's the coolest part. Last weekend I decided that by embracing every single thing that happens as part of some super rad universal design to lead me to my own personal El Dorado could be a kick-ass way to exist. All of a sudden, plans are falling into place without effort, people I never expected to influence my thinking are setting me on pathways to greatness, and I am worrying waaaay less about bullshit nonsense. Hell, even the "bad" stuff is turning up treasure troves of rosy insight. 

How? I have no idea. And that's freakin' OK with me. 

It may seem like the hippy dippiest ideology in the world, but just go with me on this one - try this out for a day, or maybe like, 10 minutes. Believe that the instant you decide in your mind what you want - anything at all - the world kicks up it's heels and sets to work FOR you. What does that mean? It means that all of that work I've been doing with some vague direction of "figuring it out" was infinitely less productive than sitting on my ass and making a decision about what I genuinely want.

I know, it's crazy. 

One last bit. Stop trying to figure out HOW and WHY. Those are important questions that have their place, but believe that true understanding comes at the Harry Potter.  Marvel at the lessons learned as they present themselves  and stop missing what's right in front of you by trying to race ahead. It's like reading the last page of a book first...which is dumb. Don't do that.