"I Do" Yoga

As summer heats up and I finally find myself settling into the city, I've begun to notice something...people around here are stressed out. Like, all the time. I spend a lot of time on the beautiful Indianapolis Museum of Art campus - a primo destination for those who appreciate art, nature, and all-around pretty things. As such a gorgeous location in the middle of a bustling city, naturally a lot of weddings happen there. Let me tell you, those brides are some of the most stressed humans I have ever met. What is supposed to be one of the most memorable days of their lives often lead to early morning tears, afternoon meltdowns, and behind the scenes panic attacks - which got me thinking...Yoga. These ladies NEED yoga. I started researching the science of it, the anatomy of it, and the pop-culture aspects of it and came to a startling conclusion - Wedding Day Yoga is a BRILLIANT idea. And thus, "I DO" Yoga came about. 

What a second opinion? This article from MindBody Green sums up why Wedding Day yoga is the best idea ever: Why Wedding Day Yoga is a Must

Brides.com gives day-of yoga a glowing reviews as well: 8 Reasons to do Yoga on Your Wedding Day

I'm launching the program through the events department at the Museum, The Meditative Creative Facebook page, and Instagram of course @Meditate2create, so be sure to follow, friend, like, and reach out to show your support for spreading yoga, love, and happy wedding days far and wide. 

Here's what one fabulous bride had to say about her "I Do" Yoga experience;

I Do | Yoga --
For my wedding day, I wanted all of my favorite things about my life to have a special role for my special day- a holistic experience- and that is exactly what I got. Having yoga be a part of my wedding day just made sense to me! It calmed my crazy nerves, settled my upset stomach, and brought me closer to my beautiful bridesmaids. It was the perfect start to a perfect day. I was one sick bride that morning, but doing my morning yoga helped my find my center, set my intentions and let go of the negative feelings associate with wedding planning. I couldn't imagine a better way to control my emotions, and I also couldn't imagine yoga not being a part of my wedding day! It was such a blast and I would definitely recommend it to every bride!

- Alli Smiley

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Here's to making, seeing, and being, 

The Meditative Creative - Brittany D.